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Each stone colour symbolises something unique and plays an important part of the Imperial and Band ring collections. There are two categories of materials set on our jewellery - natural gemstones and their manmade equivalents. The manmade stones which are essentially laboratory grown have the same chemical composition, physical properties and structure as that of their naturally occurring counterparts. Our standard imperial and band rings are set with faceted manmade stones that look flawless and have the same vibrant colour as the highest grade natural counterpart. These laboratory grown stones have been widely used in the jewellery industry since the early part of the 1900s. Ours are ethically grown and sourced from Max Stern of New York. Each stone is carefully selected so that the colour is consistent and the cut gives an excellent refractive index. The range in our collection has been carefully selected so the appearance compares well against the natural counterpart and their colour and sparkle are not hindered by the flaws and inclusions that naturally occur in the natural gemstones. The oval cut stone in the imperial ring has a weight of approximately 0.50 carat weight for the small top, 2.00 carat weight for the medium top and 3.00 carat weight for the large top. The round cut stone on the band ring ranges in size from 1.0 – 2.0mm size with a carat weight of 0.005 to 0.03.

We have a selection of natural gemstones available to set on the imperial and band rings. The selection is quite varied and the colours wide ranging. Each is individually priced. Some natural stones like sapphire, ruby and emerald may be difficult to obtain in the size and carat weight required for the large imperial ring. .