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Eva & Eva

Imperial #2

£150 in sterling silver and from £550 in gold

A larger version of design #1 with a 16.5mm face and set with a larger stone. Design #2 accentuates the restrained, abstract and geometric design of the Imperial ring, bringing out the bold colour of the stone.

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Custom-made, usually within 8-10 weeks
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A Symbol

The history of the imperial ring dates back to the Roman times when it was used as a mark of honour and distinction. Unlike the signet, the imperial ring was always gold and set with a stone that had not been engraved. The shape of the ring, a circle reflecting endlessness, was also a sign of inviolable loyalty, and for centuries no ecclesiastical occasion was complete without the presence of the imperial ring.

Finally from the early 20th century, inspired by Art Deco and Modernism the designs were revived and simplified: becoming more geometric, the lines clean and modern, the symbolism muted. So that eventually the rings themselves became valued for the meaning given them, not by interest groups, but by the individuals that wear them.

Our Imperial design, liberated from the rings traditional allusions, celebrates your achievement in the life and brilliance of the stone, while preserving the intrinsic qualities of its imposing classical shape, one recognizable to all generations.

The result it is a design that offers a rare fusion of colour and meaning.

The Stone

A belief in the power of stones to influence fortune and health arose very early in our history. To the ancients their rarity and beauty created the belief that they were derived from heaven and endowed the wearer with supernatural defences against misfortune. Today the belief that stones are connected to the heavens continues is some way in the use of gems as birthstones.

The official stone colour of the University is garnet.

Individually crafted

The ring is the product of meticulous craftsmanship. Each ring is made from absolutely pure alloys and painstakingly cast, removing the possibility of imperfections and ensuring the finished ring is both beautiful and durable and in the spirit of a piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime.

Every ring is limited to an edition of one: the one you personalise and commission us to make. It will be designed by obsessives, crafted by obsessives, and we believe our workmanship does justice to the hard work and the values that you put into your time at university and will ensure our name remains synonymous with quality and perfect craftsmanship.

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