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Eva & Eva

Knife Edge Band

£70 in sterling silver and from £325 in gold

The Knife Edge Band ring is 4mm wide and available in sterling silver or gold. It can only be engraved on the inside.

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Custom made, usually within 8-10 weeks
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A Perennial Design

Fresh and understated and with an engraving inspired by carvings into sandstone, the band ring differentiates itself from the collection for its fusion of simpler aesthetic sources. A ring that renews a perennial design: it is simple, modern and discreet, and yet manages to distinguish and celebrate your achievement.

The Engraving

The engraving is fundamental to the band ring and since every band ring is made to commission and individually crafted, our craftsmen have the opportunity to produce an engraving perfectly balanced to be both luxurious and restrained. Each letter is individually and precisely cut into the precious metal band, ensuring legibility and resulting in a finish that is both distinct and discreet.

Never crude, never loud, the band is an exquisite meeting of words and materials, imbued with your distinctive personality.

Combined with a subtle inside inscription these engravings will distil and honour your achievement.

Obsessively Crafted

The ring is the product of meticulous craftsmanship. Each ring is made from absolutely pure alloys and painstakingly cast, removing the possibility of imperfections and ensuring the finished ring is both beautiful and durable and in the spirit of a piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime.

Every ring is limited to an edition of one: the one you personalise and commission us to make. It will be designed by obsessives, crafted by obsessives, and we believe our workmanship does justice to the hard work and the values that you put into your time at university and will ensure our name remains synonymous with quality and perfect craftsmanship.

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