Ring etiquette

Traditionally graduation rings are worn on the ring finger of the right hand. But we think the other fingers also make viable options for your graduation ring. With a little help from Pinterest, we have compiled a collection of images to help you decide which finger is right for you:


Perfect for: The Signet Ring
Palmistry: Named after the winged messenger god, Mercury, the little finger is thought to reveal communication abilities and be the centre of self-expression.
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Perfect for: The Graduation Ring Traditionalist (usually right-hand)
Palmistry: Believed to show an individual’s creative potential
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Perfect for: The unconventional choice
Palmistry: The finger of discipline and balance
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Perfect for: Every day
Palmistry: The finger of Jupiter thought to depict the power of self or ego
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Perfect for: The band ring
Palmistry: The centre of will-power
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