Getting the Shine back into your Graduation Ring


We received an email today from a customer asking about the best way to look after their ring. Specifically, he wanted to know which products we would recommend.

The simplest way to keep your ring shinning the best thing to do is to use a polishing cloth. If we had to name a brand we would recommend Connoisseurs.

The help section of our website is going to be updated to provided a bit more information on looking after your Graduation Ring. In the meantime we are going to offer free Connoisseurs cloths to any previous customer who emails us over the next five days.

Send me an email anytime over the next five days. Actually, because it is already Tuesday, lets make that six days to include the coming Monday.

So that is between 17/02 and 23/02  

Email me your name, address and order number, as well as whether your ring was made in gold or silver.

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